Powerful Black Magic VOODOO Spells
That Will Help You TODAY!!!

Hode He

Hode He

Here Are Real Powerful Voodoo Spells that can bring you

Love, Money, Good Luck in ALL THINGS NOW!

From A Real Voodoo Master!

DePrince Super Voodoo

Brand Incense

Voodoo Power


Triple Strength Magic Mojo Wishing Bag.

These special Voodoo Brand Incenses are prepared according to Voodoo lore secrets. Lose so that you can mix your wishes and other things with it. Things like a piece of the person clothing, or pieces of their picture for more controlling powers. You can also use Voodoo Writing paper. Just write your wish down on a piece of "Voodoo Writing Paper" and tear it up. Then mix it with this special Voodoo Lose Incense. As the incense is burring read the special Voodoo Prayers that come with your special incense that you order. As the smoke is rising up in the air speak your wish. Do this each day until you have received what you want.

Break Up. Burn to break up a bad love affair.
Fast Luck. Burn to make fast luck comes your way.
Lucky Numbers. Burn to help you get winning numbers.
Jinx Removing. Burn to remove all bad luck and jinx from your life.
High John. Very good to burn to overcome problems in your life. Burn daily ( I do)
Lovers. Burn to help bring peace and love backs in your love life.
Attraction. Burn to make that special someone notice you now.
Money Dawning. Burn to help attract money and to help overcome your money problems.
Send Back Evil: Burn to help sends back evil specials and jinx that others have place on you.
Sexual powers. Burn one hour in the room before making love to that special someone.
Voodoo Burn Paper. Use this special writing paper to write your wish and place your special burning incense over it for stronger powers. $7.50

These special bracelets are handmade in Haiti for special powers in helping you get what you want and to help you become successful in all things. Pick and wear the right bracelet to help you get what you want now. All Voodoo Bracelets come with Dr. DePrince special Voodoo Prayers to help you get what you want and to help you become successful.

Money Drawing Bracelet

Wear to help you overcome your money problems and to help bring strong money drawing vibrations in your life now.

Lucky Gamblers Bracelet

Wear to help you become lucky in your favorite game of chance.

Love and Attraction Bracelet.

Wear to help attract and draw that special someone in your life now.

Protection From Evil Bracelet

Don't be afraid of the evil that men do! Wear this special blessed Voodoo bracelet to help protect you form the evil that others do.


These special Mojo Wishing Bags are stuffed full of roots, and each of them comes with a talisman seal and a bottle of DePrince Special anointing oil made to the need of each bag. Pick out the special bag that you need to help you get what you want now! All bags are handmade during special times and days according to occult lore and practice.

Success In Court Bag

Carry this special bag with you when going to court or dealing with lawyers or court matters.

Attract Lover Bag

Looking for that special lover? Carry this bag with you to attracted the attention and love of that special person that you want to share your life or bed with.

Money Bag

Got money problems? Bills pilling up? Need that special help with your money problems? Then carry this bag with you and repeat the special prayers and words that come with this bag to help you overcome your money problems.

All Bags Come With Feeding Oil

All Incense are $ 12.95 Each

All Bracelets Are $14.95

All Charm Bags Are $24.95 Each

Please note:
These are special limted items only and once sold out will never be offer again.
If you wish to have any of these special items Please e-mail your order and you will be contact
back by e-mail to availability and directed to a secured order page.


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