Voodoo Money Spells

Voodoo Money Drawing Spell

Take three baths of Jinx Removing Bath Wash starting on any first
Friday of the month. Your first bath will start on the first Friday, then the next bath will start on the following Wednesday and the final bath will take place on the following Friday.

During this week, you must list how much money you will need on a piece of brown paper.

When done,hold this paper over one teaspoon of burning Money Drawing Incense.Make sure that you concentrate on the money that you want.

Do this until the incense has burned out. When the incense has burned out. Rub this paper over your body and make sure that you have thank the forces for bringing the money that you need into your life.

Carry this paper with you until you have received the money that you have requested. Do this only for one month and use this only if you really need money to help you out.


To Get Out of Debt Spell


If you are overwhelmed with bills and you do not know what to do, then try this powerful Voodoo Money Spell. Stand nude in front of the light the new moon and rub your body down with Money Drawing Oil.

When done, rub a little sugar on your hands and feet. Light one teaspoon of Attracting Incense and stand over this burning incense and allow the smoke to go up over your body.

Do this until the incense has burned out. When done, take one full bath of Money Dawning Wash and stay in the bath water for 10 minutes only.

When you are in the bath water, repeat this words 13 times. Sodome, Lesome, Consa, Grand Noir,Grand Hougan, so be it. When you begin to feel a slight breeze make your wish to the forces and give thanks to them for helping you out.


Ancient Old World Black Magic Spell
That was use To Attract Huge
Amounts of Money


One the night of the new moon take the hart of a Bat and 13 silver coins  to the graveyard. Find a fresh grave and stand behind the tombstone.

Light one black candle, and one white candle on the tombstone. At this
point it is very important that you do not answer to anyone that calls your name out. Even if the voice is a friendly one. DO NOT ANSWER AT ALL.

Lay the hart of the Bat over the grave and light one teaspoon of Black Art Incense. Knock on the tombstone nine times and call out the person by name. Tell this person that you want them to help you in bringing money into your life and as a gift you will leave them the 13 Silver coins.

Keep talking to them until the hart of the Bat begins to moves on it owns. ( It will soon) When the Bats' hart has moved, put the candles out and take the hart of the Bat with you.

When you arrived at home, place this Bats' hart under your bed in a brown bag with seven teaspoons of salt. Light one
teaspoon of Black Art Incense and go off to sleep.

During the night, you will be awakened from your sleep with the person that you have work within the graveyard.

When they have come to you, make your deal with them. When money begins to flow in your life ( and it will flow big time) Make very sure that whatever deal that you have made with this person you keep it.

This spell can also be use to gain fame and
great fortune.


Warning in certain states and counties this spell may be illegal. Please also not that I am not responsible for any outcome of any of theses spells. Use cautions and care. Do not play with these spells. If in doubt do not use them at all.

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