DePrince Mystical Voodoo Incense

And as the smoke and flames reach towards the heaven so will your wishes come true.

Free Spell:
Write your wish on a brown piece of paper nine times. Then place it under your incense burner. Place one teaspoon of Temple Incense and light it one hour before you go to bed. As the incense is burning, pull the smoke towards you. Keep doing this until the incense has burned out. Repeat each night at the same time until your special wish comes true.
For over 25 years, Dr. DePrince Special Occult incense has been used by leading mystics and believers around the World as the most powerful occult brand incense for very strong mystical work. Below are just a few of the many brands of incense that we carry, We carry over 750 brands of incenses from around the world. We specialize in incenses for Witches, Covens, Hermetic groups and ordinary folks like you and me. We can customize any incense that you need for your special propose.

How to use Dr. DePrince incense: Pick out the brand of incense that you feel you will need. If you need help and do not know what to choose, consult any good book on mystical use or see my catalogue for more information. All DePrince Brand special incense comes to you in a 5 oz bag, bulk and pure.

That means that all you have to do is to put one teaspoon on top of burning charcoal and just meditate on the results that you are seeking. For stronger power, take one of my special mystical baths and burn your favorite incense.

Remember that all mystical incense is different. In the occult world you get just what you pay for. If you are a serious mystical worker, then you will greatly appreciate the high blend of DePrince Brand incense. You will know why for over 25 years, only the best and exquisite occult and mystical workers use only DePrince incense for strong and powerful mystical work. For a free sample (our pick) by snail mail, send a self address stamp returned envelope to me.

All Dr.DePrince Special Incense Are 9.95 for a 5 oz Bag .

Astral Projection Master of Attraction Money Drawing Brand
Devil Dust Boss Fix Bring Her To Me
Bring Him To Me Van Van Lucky Brand Lucky Winner
Toto Toto Black Pussy Hunter Cock Hunter
Black Cat Lucky Numbers Rent Man Commanding Powers
Lovers Lover's Gay Dragon Blood
Pussy Lock Master of Confusion Drive Away
Stay A Way Secrets Come Out Stay Home Man
Stay Home Woman Break Them Up Shoe Shoe Fly
Protection Brand Get That Contract Resume Do Way
Seven Powers Seven African Powers Success
Psychic Powers Lucky Dog Seducing
Stay Faithful Man Stay Faithful Woman Court Case
Bats Blood 13 Demons Honey Drop
Mystics Rites Black Mystic Rites White Graveyard Dust
Destroy Evil Peace in the Home Back Stabbers Revenged
Co Workers Revenge Office Lover's Ghost Coming (black)
Secret Lover Hide An Affair Run Devil Ruin
Lesbian Lover's Sexual Influence Sexual Mist
Masturbating Power Zombie Master (pre-work) Three Witches

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