The Famous Hypnotizing
Peacock Lover's Spell

One of the most powerful voodoo spells that you can do to help bring true love into your life is called the Peacock Lover Spell. This is what you must do.

Take a sheet of parchment paper and write the name of the person that you want to fall in love with you 13 times. Place this under your pillow with the Peacock feather and call the name of the person you want to be with 13 times.

Do this for three nights. On the forth night light one teaspoon of DePrince Lover's Brand Incense. Take a bath and sit in the bath water for 13 minutes concentrating on the person that you want to be with.

That night you will have a dream of this person and in this dream you will have the power to control the outcome of this dream. Whatever you do in this dream with this person will determine the result that you will have.

It is best to make sure that at some point in this dream that you have a sexual experience with this person.

When you wake up, hide the paper somewhere in your bedroom and make sure that the person that you want finds the feather somewhere in their house, or job.

This can be done by mailing this to them with no returned address, or you can secretly place it somewhere where they can find it on their job. However you do it, make very sure that they are the fist one to touch this feather.


Do not use this spell for illicit purposes please. This is a very powerful spell. You can by these items from any well stocked occult store or you can order this kit from us for $55.00

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