August 24 - September 23


According to Voodoo  Mystical Astrology. You were born under the ninth ray of the planet Mars,

Those that are born under these powerful rays are very ambitious and magnetic. They love to work and hate laziness.

Their magnetism and aura makes others look up and respect them. They know how to read the harts  and minds of men.

These powerful rays give them a sixth sense about people and business affairs. They can smell money and a good deal when others cannot.

They have to be different and they will go out their way to do so. There is something about these people that make them look outstanding and sexy in anything that they wear. In matters of love, they can be demanding and very sensuous.

In matters of health, they  must guard ageist taking medicines that have not been prescribe by a doctor.

Your lucky numbers are 784,112,509,33,01 and your lucky days are Thursdays and Tuesdays. Your lucky colors are Blue and Yellow. Light one of these color candles for good luck this week.

According to the beliefs in the  powers of Voodoo Astrology, If you want to attract your true powerful vibrations of your sign you should  use these special Voodoo items in your life each day or week. .

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