April 21 - May 21


According to the powers of Voodoo Astrology, If you want to attract the powerful vibrations of your sign you must use these special Voodon items in your life each day or   week to attract these powerful vibrations

Those that are born under powerful rays are strong believers in justice and liberty. They hate lairs and dishonest people with a passion.

They will seek to the end the truth of any matter if they set third minds to it. They believe in honesty so much that if they fond a wallet with money in it they will return it in full to their owner.

They are the ones that will rewrite history if history proves something wrong. Your lucky numbers are 127,287,098 22,18 and your lucky days are Thursdays and Sundays.

Your lucky colors are Green and Pink. Light  one of these colors candles and wear a few drops of  Taurus Lucky Vibrations Oil or burn a teaspoon of TaurusLucky Band Incense for  powerful good luck in your life.

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