October 24 - November 22


According to Voodoo  Mystical Astrology.  All smart business people who run vast empires and have secret knowledge of this work will always hire someone who has these special rays in their birth chart.

These special skills make them the true thinkers of modern times. All great inventors and thinkers are born under these rays.In business,they are best suited for any business that is a challenge.and makes them think.

They hate easy jobs and get bore easy due to their high intelligence. In matters of love, they love to be with someone who has brains and beautiful and honesty in a relationship. If they meet someone like that, they will give them the world and always be there.

They are best suited for a job that deals with serious research and legal matters. In matters of health,they should learn to overcome period of depression and take special spiritual salts baths during the early morning hours on their luck days.

Your lucky numbers are 446,298,44,98,45 and your lucky days are Saturdays and Wednesday. Your lucky colors are Black and Blue. Light one of these colors candles for good luck this week.

According to the beliefs in the  powers of Voodoo Astrology, If you want to attract your true powerful vibrations of your sign you should  use these special Voodoo items in your life each day or week if you wish to attract these powerful vibrations in your life.

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