September 24 - October 23

According to Voodoo  Mystical Astrology.You were born under the fifth ray of the planet Venues,

Those that are born under these powerful rays are beautiful in mind and spirit. They have the natural powers of drawing people and good luck to them if they learn how to use their powers

People who are born under these rays. Make excellent and true friends. They believe in justice and always being fair. They are good mixers and their charm attracts members of the opposite sex like flies.

These people have the  amazing ability draws others to them for personal consultations and consulting others on their problems.

They can turn any problem into a success if they put their minds to it. Under these powerful rays, you will find your great thinkers and planers of major business and world affairs.

In matters of love. They are easy to get along with and love to be very passionate. They are best suited for a business that is political or any planing with world affairs, Newspapers, T.V. or radio.

They make good office workers, teachers, singers and successful actors Your lucky numbers are 784,778,45,209,22 and your lucky days are Wednesday and Mondays.

Your lucky colors are Gold and Pink. Light one of these colors candles for good luck this week.According to the beliefs in the  powers of Voodoo Astrology,

If you want to attract your true powerful vibrations of your sign you should  use these special Voodoo items in your life each day or week if you wish to attract these powerful vibrations in your life.

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