July 24 - August 23



According to Voodoo  Mystical Astrology, you were born under the seventh ray of the planet Mercury,

Those that are born under these powerful rays are super commutators and very good listeners. They have the powers to listen and reasons.

The can make sense out of confusion and they are very hard to deceive. They have sharp minds and love to show their mental skills by thinking hard and long on any problems that plague them.

Those that are born under these powerful rays are successful in influencing others to their way of thinking.and often succeed in making others do what they want done.

They love to make and spend money on luxury items. They love to travel and go to the top places in town.

They cannot wear the same thing that other people are wearing. They love a good mystery, they can solve a mystery or see through a plot long before anyone can think about it.

Your lucky numbers are 22,32,109,55,13 and your lucky days are Sundays and Mondays. Your lucky colors are Gold and Pink.

Light one of these colors candles for good luck this week.   According to the beliefs in the  powers of Voodoo Astrology,

If you want to attract your true powerful vibrations of your sign you should  use these special Voodoo items in your life each day or week if you wish to attract these powerful vibrations in your life.

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