May 22 - June 21


According to Mystical Voodoo  Astrology ,people born under this sign, minds will sore to high heights if they are place in an office that is equip with state of the arts technology.

In matters of love, they are tender and affectionate. They prefer their mates to dress conservatively. They  love a quiet and clean person.

They  are shy and often love to be alone with that special person. In matters of health. They  should avoid spicy foods and eat more fruits and drink herbal teas. According to the powers of Voodoo Astrology,

If you want to attract the powerful  vibrations of your sign you must use these special Voodoo items in your life each day or  week to attract these powerful vibrations.

Your lucky numbers are 332,927,67,12,09 and your lucky days are Wednesday and Fridays Your lucky colors are Purple and Black.

Light  one of these colors candles and wear a few drops of Gemini Lucky Vibrations Oil or burn a  teaspoon of  Gemini Lucky Band Incense for powerful good luck in your life.

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